Hi, I'm Elaine and I was born in Columbus and have lived here most of my life.  I launched Sweet & Shiny in 2011 as a brick & mortar bakery/coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2017, as the due date for my second child approached, I returned to Columbus with my husband so we could raise our children in a more family-centered place. Since then, I have been operating Sweet & Shiny as a (mostly) home-based business.   

I hold a BFA in glass blowing from the Ohio State University and think of myself as a visual artist more than a baker. With Sweet & Shiny, I have been able to cultivate my passion for sculpting in two different mediums at one “storefront.” Each piece, whether it’s a custom 3D cake or a hand-blown vase, is a one-of-a-kind art project that allows me to create something uniquely meaningful for my customers. There is no greater joy for me than using my talents to make a special occasion a little more special and memorable.